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Lemons with attitude. You’ve never had “lemony” until you’ve had preserved lemons. A specialty ingredient in Moroccan, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine, these salt-cured citruses transform dishes with their intense lemon flavour and aroma without the sourness. We love them in our roasts and tagines, braises and stews, pasta, grain salads, dips and dressings—anything that needs a lemon flavour! Just a little goes a long way but you’ll soon find yourself reaching for it regularly as your secret ingredient. No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

Ingredients: Organic Tublay lemons, Zambales sea salt
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
To use: Only the peels are used. Remove a portion and rinse away the salt and flesh. Slice, chop or mince as needed.

Here are more ideas on how to use preserved lemons in dishes:

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From Bon Appetit:

"Sometimes it just doesn't cut it to squeeze a lemon on top of a dish, and that's when preserved lemons come into play. They add a big punch of flavor: heavy citrus, heavy floral notes from the oils in the peel, and ultimately heavy umami. It's that extra something in the background of a dish that piques your curiosity."

- Chef Michael Solomonov (in “Why Preserved Lemons Belong on Your Shelf,” Serious Eats (

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