Veggie Flakes

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Looking for an organic, all-around flavor bouillon powder with none of the nasties in processed flavor enhancers? We got you!

This savory vegetable powder contains only the concentrated flavors of dehydrated and ground organic and locally sourced vegetables and traditionally harvested sea salt. No artificial color, flavors, and fillers, and no MSG.

Ingredients: Any combination of starchy (potato/kamote), and hearty (carrots, bell peppers) veg, alliums, herbs, garlic powder, sea salt and cooking oil. 

How to use:
- Make veggie broth by mixing 1-2 tsp with 1 cup of water
- Sprinkle on salads, pasta, and stirfries before serving
- Add to scrambled eggs and sinangag
- Sprinkle over avocado toast or cream cheese and bagel
- Add to butter to make herbed compound butter
- Bake into savory bread

Store in a cool dark place. 
Use within 6 months from date of production.
50g in a jar.




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