Dried Parsley Flakes

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Flat parsley from Bauko, Mt. Province, dehydrated to preserve its color and nutrients. Parsley is more than just a garnish, it’s a powerhouse of an herb and apparently, drying increases their antioxidant levels.

Read more about the benefits here.


  • Add to your favorite pasta or soup to brighten the dish.
  • Toss in smashed cucumbers, tomatoes with tahini for a Mediterranean salad.
  • Make your own spice rub mix or herb salt to marinate or finish a dish.
  • Make a gremolata with our preserved lemons and olive oil for an Italian punch.
  • Sprinkle on crispy baked potatoes for that natural umami flavor. 
  • Adobo with parsley? Why not?

Shelf life: 1 year from drying date if kept in a cool, dry place.

12g in a jar 



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