Kamote Tops

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Farm of origin. One of the easiest crops to grow, these nutrient-rich kamote tops are from our lowland farmers in Capas, Tarlac.

The Humble Superfood. A study in HortScience found the leaves have 3 times more Vit. B6, 5 times more Vit. C, and almost 10 times more riboflavin than the kamote themselves. They are high in beta-carotene for eye health and Vit. K for bone health, which also prevents calcification in the arteries. It has high concentrations of polyphenols compared to broccoli. It has lower oxalates vs. spinach.

Low-maintenance leafies. Grow them yourself. Stick a piece of organic kamote in well drained soil, with plenty of space and where it can enjoy the sun–watch it grow with enthusiasm. You’ll be harvesting your own kamote tops in no time. 
If you notice one of your kamotes starting to sprout–you’re in luck! You now have a head start. Give it a try!

Did you know? Non-organic kamote are sometimes treated with chemicals so as not to sprout.

Prep and store.

  • Use your kamote tops immediately. It loses its vitamins to the air as it dries and wilts.
  • If you must store it, wrap in a clean kitchen towel and keep it in the crisper. 
  • Do not keep it in airtight containers–it needs to breathe.  

Eat and drink. Treat it like spinach and other leafy greens!

  • Eat blanched or raw with tomatoes and red onions. Salted egg optional.
  • Steam under a minute. Serve with soy sauce, patis or bagoong, and calamansi juice. 
  • Add it to your omelette for a boost of nutrients.
  • Cook them quickly in stir-fries with basic aromatics. 
  • Blanch and chop finely, then add to cannelloni. 
  • Add to your soup, stew or pasta dish at the last minute. 
  • Cook with gata or cream. Make sweet potato gratin.  

Top Tips!

  • Simmer in a bit of water to remove the bitterness and prevent nutrient loss. 
  • Do not throw out the soft stems. Cook them for enhanced fiber content. 

Make Classic Childhood Tea 
Simmer kamote tops in water for 10 mins. Remove them with a strainer. Let the tea cool and add the juice of your favorite citrus until it turns pink. 



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