Lorax Lemons

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OK that's not the technical name but they come from Coromina forest cottage where Lupe speaks for the trees! It's one of the many varieties her father planted a generation and a half ago to reforest the watershed. Lemon season is often from September through March for this variety, and they are so unlike the small waxed relatives you get all year-round in the supermarket. It does lead one to think, what does one really thneed?

Says Amy Besa of Purple Yam and Memories of Philippine Kitchens
"These lemons are pretty juicy with lots of pulp, still sour but with a teasing hint of orange. So if your palate is not ready for sour you might be tempted to eat it like an orange & be slammed back to sourness.
However, I love these lemons because they remind me of the Caribbean sour orange because underneath it all are also notes of bitter flavors.
We will experiment with using the fruit (rind & pulp) in a piri piri sauce for both chicken & lamb. (Thanks to @igrams for the dried piri piri from Europe).
We shall also do preserved lemons (pickled lemons) that is used in Moroccan & Middle Eastern cooking. They can also be used in South Asian recipes of achaar or pickles.
Lots of ways to use these Benguet lemons."

Lemons can be huge so 1kilo can range between 4-10 lemons.



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