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Are you looking to source fresh, naturally-grown fruits and vegetables for your business? We can support you in serving the people you care for.

Let's talk about sustainably-sourced produce (fruits, leafies, grains, beans, herbs etc.) that you can use to create sumptuous and nutritious meals for your patrons, clients, or students.

This, while supporting smallholder Filipino farmers through Community Shared Agriculture (CSA).

Shoot us an e-mail at regarding your needs or complete the form below and we can come up with a customized package just for you.

Some of our partners include:

Toyo Eatery

Toyo Eatery - Vegetable Delivery Restaurant Partner

Cherry tomatoes are amazing and they take a village of farmers to grow. But also the commitment of co-producers such as CSA members and Toyo Eatery. We realized that the path from farm to fork takes longer than the physical trip. It takes the discovery, the willingness to foster and propagate, the commitment to purchase seasonal volumes, careful logistics AND appreciative use. In the case of these cherry berry tomatoes, it took Chef Jordy's promise to buy a minimum volume regularly that signaled a sense of value and future of this product. And whoa, what honorable use of flavor! Sofrito, of course but also tomato juice turned into meringue, trimmings converted into tomato dust. Sustainability takes a new kind of relationship with our producers, a lot of faith and it will taste true.



Wildflour Restaurant

Wildflour Restaurant - Vegetable Delivery

When we're able to meet the chefs, and there's a real appreciation for what each other does, it can be a very fulfilling partnership. Wildflour Restaurant in particular has been a refreshing change in the way things are done. Despite their amazing growth in the last three years, they're committed to a dialogue between us and the chefs. We were also able to introduce seasonal items instead of just pointing us towards a purchaser. We've been able to support them through regular orders, feedback sharing and even recipe exchanges! They just want the best ingredients for their customers, they say. And we're glad that intention brings us all to the table.


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