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From Bauko, Mt Province.

It's one of the love-it-or-hate-it crops and lucky for us our farmers learned to love it too. Years ago when we first visited Bauko figuring out what the farmers could offer Char suggested sugarbeets saying that her mom (representative of all mothers) likes to juice it. Couple years later they save enough to buy their own juicer and offer me a drink of farmfresh beets! Suwweet! Curiously they also like waiting a few weeks after harvest and munching on it raw. They say the flavor is more concentrated then. To be confirmed!

It's growing as beautifully as carrots now without quite the market familiarity so i'm super excited for you to try @purpleyamph's adobong beets as well! We're rediscovering locally grown produce through pickles tacos and ice cream! Join us? Or share your favorite beets recipe!



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