ELMNTM Bokashi Composting Kit

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WHAT IS BOKASHI COMPOSTING? (excerpt from FnB Report)

Bokashi, which means fermented organic matter in Japanese, is similar to regular composting in that it requires time for the food waste to decompose, but it differs in its use of beneficial microorganisms that break down food waste into a fertile compost, which can then be mixed with soil and returned to the earth. These microbes can be found in the inoculated bran used in bokashi composting.

The entire process is also anaerobic as the kitchen waste mixed with inoculated bran is left for two weeks inside an airtight container, eliminating the foul odor created by rotting food. The container typically includes a strainer setup inside to separate solid food waste from the juices, which can then be released through the faucet attached at the bottom.

The result of the entire process is bokashi compost that can be used as soil for potted plants or buried in the garden, while the bokashi juice created at the bottom of the container can be used as fertilizer when mixed with molasses or brown sugar.



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