Flat Parsley

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Did it make you guys nervous receiving it in the tampipi last week? Maybe you began garnishing everything with it with a tomato and cucumber slice or a carrot butterfly? Hope you ate it all too as apparently it's a good source of iron, vitamin C and calcium. Also a natural breath freshener so maybe the garnish is meant to be eaten after the meal. Here are some ideas from @marieleaco: chop stem ends finely and use with garlic in your Sofrito; tie up woody stems to flavor nilaga; make a simple all- purpose salsa verde with olive oil: add basil, nuts and cheese to make pesto; add vinegar and some chopped chili to make salsa for fish or meat; dallop to make veg soup exciting; add to yoghurt to make sauce...
From @nettypwety: chop and budbod everything on grilled veg.
If you can't deal with parsley in your life right now, you can chop it up and freeze into ice cubes. It will lose its crispness but not its flavor or nutrition. Throw it into a soup later on.

At any rate it's a wonderful thing to grow as it's pretty hardy in most conditions. Since the harvest window is rather forgiving it serves as a great economic reserve in the garden, ready for orders every week, after its 70-ish day growing period. Come to think of it, I've never actually seen the farmers eat it so i'm sure they'd appreciate your ideas! We have a whole lot of it usually so if you know any chimichurri makers or restaurants, please do connect us!

A small bunch = 50 grams



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