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Food for Peace Pop-Up at Good Food Sundays


Much like the first Food for Peace event, these pop-ups will feature one or two experts who will talk about the chosen topic, but this time as we eat lunch together. We want to use the power of a shared meal to turn the dining circle into a safe space where people can learn, discuss, disagree, clarify, and become better engaged when it comes to the issues on our plate.

Seats/plates will be limited to be able to foster dialogue, so paid registration is required. The pop-up will be augmented by publications, cooking demos, screenings/ performances, and exposure trips/immersions in the hopes of activating a more sustained involvement.

To learn more about our program and keep yourself updated, please like our page Food for Peace.

Please also join us on February 25, 10 a.m. at Good Food Sundays at Mandala Park, as we learn from Dumagat farmers from Daraitan, Tay Abner, Nay Baby and Nay Precy, about the challenges and issues they face--and which inevitably affect us. The event MAMANGANTAMO ("Let's Eat!" in Dumagat) will also be a chance for them to showcase their seasonal harvest and the products they make and you can buy directly from them.

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