Peanut Passionfruit Sauce

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We heard you! We’ve bottled our peanut-passionfruit sauce for you to take home and enjoy. This is the same dressing we used in the cabbage and talinum salad that we served at our Sama-sama, Salu-salo event, which received great feedback. It’s a versatile aromatic sauce with fragrance from the masaflora passionfruit from Bauko, Mt Province, and umami from our homemade miso. You can also toss the sauce with some rice noodles or spaghetti then top it with shredded carrots and cucumber and crushed peanuts, or drizzle it on fried or grilled eggplant, zucchini, or your protein/meat of choice.

This product is vegan. Keep refrigerated. Best consumed within a week.



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