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For a long time, the common potato was far from common in our farm shares. Potatoes are prone to blight and, given the high demand both for home and processing use, have become heavily reliant on pesticides. In fact, an analysis done by the USDA from 2000 to 2008 identified residues of as much as 36 unique pesticides in more than 2,100 potato samples tested. That’s a lot of pesticides, but considered typical for a global commodity and high value crop.

The farmers wanted to offer a safer alternative and subscribers were eager for one they could source directly from farmers they knew. Numerous trial plantings by the farmers often ended in heartbreak and loss as the crops succumbed to disease. We were well into our 7th or 8th year before the potato could make a regular appearance in the tampipi, thanks to the persevering work of our farmers. So whenever we receive potatoes, it’s hard to take it for granted and not to see it as a minor miracle. Here in this humble spud was the relationship of farmer and consumer taking root and growing with each season.

There are as many ways to prep and cook potatoes as there are varieties worldwide (4,000!!). Like all root veg, potatoes are best kept in cellar-like conditions. Just look for a cool, dry, dark, and well-ventilated area. Do not refrigerate as cold storage (below 4C) actually changes the taste and texture of the potatoes when cooked. Low temperatures also convert the starch into sugars and lead to higher levels of acrylamide, a cause for health concerns. Do not use potatoes that already show green discolouration or have started to sprout.



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