Banana Bulkan

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We’d like to take a moment and celebrate one of the great discoveries of this work: saging bulkan. Not that we discovered it of course, it was just offered to us in Capas where according to the farmers, it showed up after Mt Pinatubo erupted. “Tastes like a creamy saba” says bea. Best enjoyed on a fat slice of @manilabake chubby milk loaf slathered with dulce de leche or a dollop of @inanutshell unsweetened peanut butter and Ritual cacao nibs. Or raw, in which case do not be fooled by appearances. The thin skin may look bruised but just tastes sweeter as the peel darkens. For a rich and decadent expression of this local lagkitan, try Purple Yam Malate ‘s banana caramel ice cream!

Trish of wrote about our many local varieties (step aside, cavendish):

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