Seasonal Fruit Share

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Nothing celebrates the season as much as fruits. When it arrives we want to share as much of it as possible!

This selection will include at least three types of fruit including items like yacon which is sometimes called groundapple because it's eaten like one (except for the skin). High probability of bananas because we are blessed with so much and different kinds too! Mango season is around April, May, June but not your yellow carabao mango-- we have apple mango, indian mango, caramango, etc. Avocado season is June, July, sometimes reaching until August. Asian pears are September through November. Lorax lemons and green lemons stay from about August through March if we are lucky. Expect sour oranges, kamias or tamarillos too. Sometimes we may have ripe papaya. Notice the double uncertainty. Chesa, dragonfruit, pineapple, starapple.  

We intend to send you at least 2 kilos worth so it's good to share with family or make preserves!