Zucchini from Bauko, Mt Province

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Zucchini! I distinctly remember begging our farmers in Bauko for zucchini a few years ago. They were hesitant, for good reason as apparently pests love this "summer squash" as they like eggplant. The plants grow similarly too actually, such that in fruiting season you harvest a lot in a few weeks then it's gone. The farmers did not say no but they pointed to Auntie Remy who apparently could grow zucchini well a mountain or so away. The sheer remoteness of her farm kept the crop away from opportunistic beings. It appears her initiative worked as more farmers are taking a chance and we can look forward to zucchini for a few months every year. The caveat though is the same as for eggplant. We accept that wormies are just trying to eat and well they did get there first. As the produce passes our hands we do our best to inspect each piece for transgression or occupation but we will not be able to catch em all! The beauty of a local food system is that you can talk to us and let us know! We will replace what we can the following week.
Some zuke appreciation ideas:
Zucchini and sayote pasta (get a spiralizer!)
Zucchini roll: peel into wide ribbons, add strips of veggies like carrots, radish, eggplant, leeks and roll up sushi-style.
Zucchini and eggplant parmigiana
Zucchini cabbage soup
Halved the zucchini and stuff it with spinach, cheese, roast it.
Zucchini and orange bread / cookies / cake!



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