Friends of Farmers: Let's grow a community

Without a community, our people face the climate emergency alone. When you grow good food communities, we will always have something to eat.

Right now, our farmers could use some friends.

Life is getting much much more difficult. Especially for women farmers at the frontlines of home and health care. Extreme weather means they need twice as much effort to grow our food at half the chances of survival.

Without us, our farmers face the climate emergency alone. But with all of us, the work becomes light.

While farmers do what they do best, we find folks who’d like to be friends! In fact, we’ve been finding friends for the last decade.

We find friends who can transport their produce. We find friends who can make amazing recipes. We find friends who can enjoy the yummy vegetables. We find friends who can share their skills. We find friends who can resource our community.

Our friends have seen us through so much together that storms can only make us stronger. Would you be a farmer’s friend?

Friends of Farmers are raising funds to ensure our 25 women farmers in Bauko, Mt Province can continue growing food for all of us through the extreme weather.

Bauko is a beautiful mountainous town ten hours from Quezon City. It grows the sweetest carrots, most flavorful aratilis-like cherry tomatoes and wildest local surprises.

Navigating the balance between nature and society, our farmers have been caring for their soil organically to grow our delicious produce for our good food community since 2013. Our health is due to our farmers’ care. It’s an honor to return that care.

Help us raise PhP 1.2 million to support our farmers!

If we reach our goal, we can:

Protect harvests with rain shelters for each farmer through a zero-interest, zero-collateral fund

Nurture discovery of more local varieties through field visits and technical support

Increase the incomes of farmers through crop programming and market development

Uplift farmer-led research and indigenous knowledge that can lead us through this crisis

Share experiential knowledge to seed the growth of good food communities all over the Philippines

We've reached our goal!

Through your help, We’ve met our initial target to build and restore crop rain shelters for our farmers in Bauko, Mt Province.

But the work of farmer engagement complements our food sharing but is not financed by it.

All additional voluntary support will be used to fund resiliency projects and strategies that put small farmers at the center, support women empowerment, and promote justice and solidarity.

Your support will help keep the price of produce affordable while paying fair prices to our farmers.

Your donations can go a long way for our farmer development and climate resiliency program:

helps maintain the monthly mobilization costs for communication, partnership building and collective learning with CROPO.
funds efforts for protecting & developing crop diversity through discovery produce and market development.
develops workshops for seed banking, climate reslience, and business-planning.

All donations beyond the goal will provide our farmers with the additional materials and training they need.

Donation Channels

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We accept payments thru BPI, BDO, and Unionbank through our site.

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