Declaration of Interdependence between Farmers and Consumers

We share the vision and the commitment to create a Philippines that provides every Filipino with equitable access to healthy, safe, and affordable food.

 To realize this vision, we recognize, first and foremost, that the act of eating food is essentially an act connected to a natural cycle that starts with the farmer planting seeds. Therefore, there exists a deep social bond between farmers and consumers and we have responsibilities towards each other.
We recognize that we depend on our small farmers for the food that we eat everyday. When farmers lose control over the use of seeds and technology, the land they till, and the ability to grow food free from debt and poison, this inevitably undermines our own ability to choose and eat food that is good for our people and the planet. Therefore, threatening farmers’ rights threatens our own rights and freedom to nourish our families and communities.

 Equally we recognize that our farmers depend on us. And what and how we choose to eat shape what and how the farmers plant and grow so that they can similarly sustain their lives. What we put on our plates creates a world that will either help or harm our farmers, and whether our food will promote life and health, or disease and injustice.
 We realize that, for the longest time, the false promises of the Green Revolution of feeding the world and promoting economic returns for the farmers held sway over our peoples’ imaginations. In less than a century, it entrenched the big industrial control of our local food systems—with its aggressive dependence on toxic agrochemicals, promotion of genetic modification, and conflicting interest in pharmaceuticals—and placed the profitability of giant corporations at the expense of our common good.
 We realize that the richness of our soil and biodiversity, on which rests the wholesome quality of our food and the farmers’ livelihood, has been eroded. Sprawling supply chains have severed the social contract and interdependence of farmers and consumers. We are being conditioned to see farmers as expendable resource lacking knowledge and expertise, and ourselves merely as passive customers at the end of a food chain that churns out convenient but nutritionally deficient products with increasing speed and scale—and each one removed from the other.  
Who we are

In this time of climate and public health emergencies, we realize that what we are experiencing is the part of the legacy of this industrial food system, where margins and volumes are prioritized over the health and the wellbeing of all.

 Signing this declaration, we reassert the necessary, meaningful, and rewarding interdependence of farmers and consumers. We signal the start of our independence from the harmful fictions, practices, and processed products that we have been fed by the big food industry. 

 We see ourselves as active citizens with power and agency to co-create and co-produce a sustainable, environmentally responsible, and equitable food system with our farmers to be able to provide all Filipinos with healthy, safe, and affordable food.

What we pledge

To eat responsibly must be a freedom enjoyed by everyone. No one should be hungry or food insecure. To begin to realize this vision, we commit to the following, whenever possible and practicable:

  Understand food production by growing our own food in our balconies or backyards;  Buy directly from small organic farmers and get to know them;

  Push for the creation of local organic farmers’ markets in our communities;

  Have a suki at the palengke whom we trust;

  Cook at home using ingredients that are wholesome and natural;

  Learn more about the source of the food we eat, including the environmental and labor conditions it took to produce them;

  Promote and safeguard biodiversity in our food system and avoid genetically modified food products;

  Voice our support for agroecology and organic agriculture with our national and local representatives.




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