Our Partner Farming Communities

Meet our farmers. They're the real real reason why we get to eat good food and it's been an honor to work with them for the past 10 years.

Chico River Organic Practioners Organization

This group of 26 CROPO farmers are all women; and moms on top of that! They are able to take on these two jobs because they farm on small plots in their backyard. This vibrant group of women climb steep mountains and trek through creeks every week to deliver our vegetables to their central station.

Capas Organic Farmers Producers Cooperative

In 2010, Sibol ng Angham at Teknolohiya helped this farmer group establish a cooperative around organic food production. After COFPC was established, they partnered with Good Food to help market their produce. The Pamayanihan model we offer provides a more stable and diversified income stream, compared to solely planting rice and sugarcane like their neighbors.

Capas Organic Farmers Producers Association

Formed by former COFPC member Ate Lady along with other farmers from the cooperative. The move away from the cooperative setup was seen to better manage finances and avoid the tedious amount of paperwork and organizational documents required from a cooperative. We support our farmers' agency to choose how to govern their farms, businesses, and organizations. Both COFPA & COFPC remain our partners today.

Coromina Forest Farm

Stewarded by Lupe Corominag, her dedication to the forest biodiversity competes only with the desire to live peaceably within it. Her father established the farm and planted trees when she was a little girl. Today, with a canopy over three stories high, the forest serves as a watershed and home to rare plants and animals.

Our Farmers Haven

Our Farmers’ Haven is a group of farmers in the Mountain Province who have organized with the help of the Catholic Diocese of Baguio. Their group produces certified organic vegetables as well as holds community organizing efforts, educational workshops, and demo farms.

Sambali Beach Farm

Ching Camara’s 8 hectare farm started out as a small herb garden for her family. It has since grown into a livestock and vegetable farm, a training ground for sustainable growing methods, and retreat center!

La Organica Farmers Association

The farmers in this group are creating a more sustainable system of agriculture. Their aims include: more healthy soil, biodiversity, animal welfare, responsible use of natural resources, and high quality, nutritional products.


Sierreza was formed by Cherrys Abrigo, a former teammate of ours at Good Food Community. Che sources produce from remote farming communities and Indigenous Peoples through a CSA Model. For them, organic farming offers an alternative to jobs that are harmful to the community member’s immediate environment and health.

Vizcaya Fresh! Organic Advocates

Vizcaya Fresh became our partner farmers in 2021 through our friendship with the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement. We are always inspired by our interactions with Amos Dayag and Ronnel Acio, who served different farmer groups in a very similar way as we do with great commitment and ambition.

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