What is CSA?

Good Food Community is all about growing a sustainable society that nourishes everyone—you, the farmers, the land and generations to come. The multiple crises of our age serve as an invitation to evolve a new system and culture—one that puts the planet and people first. We believe that the way to achieve this is through Community Shared Agriculture.

What is Community Shared Agriculture?

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative distribution system whereby production is supported by a community through subscriptions to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farmers.

With each farmshare of organic, ethical grown food, our ability to feed ourselves and our loved ones safe and nutritious food is tied intimately to that of the farmers. Our health is their health, our community's food security is their community's food security.

By susbcribing to prepaid, local and seasonal vegetables delivered weekly to your doorstep, our CSA model allows for us to make regular purchase and price commitments with our farmers. Stable demand for their produce at fixed, fair  prices shield them from market instability, thus providing sustainable income and support for their organic practices -- all of which guarantee you an equitable share of their harvest year-round!

Your commitment to eat healthy meets our farmers' commitment to grow nutritious food-- and together we grow a sustainable food system. Join us and let's change the world with food!

How Can We Change the World with Food?

The pervasive monoculture and industrial nature of production today are mirrors to our own demand and driven by our trade relationships.

We're constantly learning that, to grow organic produce sustainably, we cannot just change production practices, we must also shift our lifestyles to embrace nature, and the community that grows from working together towards a shared good.

If we can learn to appreciate diversity and what is seasonally available, we can cycle nutrients in the soil, and pay the farmer fairly instead of the lottery the commercial market can be. And with every farmshare subscription, you are able to do just that. 

Instead of demanding what the land must produce, you're offered a share in what it provides. This means you don't get to choose your vegetables -- but you do learn to work with them, to trust and tune in to the resilience and diversity of every season. Farming in this way becomes a joint project to nourish each and every one of us -- the farmers, the eaters, and generations to come.

What Makes our Produce Different

Our work through community shared agriculture is more than just selling organic fruits and vegetables.

The sweetness of our carrots and cherry tomatoes, the creaminess of the avocadoes, the floral aroma of our lemons - they are all about how the soil is cared for and nourished by the farmers we work with so that the land will still sustain, despite the numerous crises we face, generations who will come after us.

Many of the items taste more alive than supermarket ones (ie spinach, carrots, beets, korean radish, etc). Often we receive varieties that don't make it through mass-produced marketing channels or long travel (ie cherry tomatoes or saging bulkan). Whether it's the soil care or the shorter food miles or both, we like to believe you can experience collective health and hopefully taste it too.

Ready to become a CSA member?

Step 1

Choose a CSA farmshare subscription here. Longer durations mean more affordable food! Shop add-ons and gifts here

For more info on what to expect in your weekly farmshare, check out our Gulay Board at bit.ly/gulayboard !

Step 2

Read up on our Delivery Guide and FAQs.

At check-out and shipping, you will be asked to select an appropriate delivery fee as assigned per city / area. Rates are quoted on a per week or per drop basis (and multiplied by the number of weeks in your subscription period). Alternatively, you may pick up your order at our office in Cubao.

On the embedded map below, click on the button on the left side of GFC Delivery Zones to see our full list of coverage areas for delivery.

If your location lies beyond our listed areas, please get in touch for the appropriate fee quotation. 



Step 3

For payment, you may pay through a number of channels, options will be shown and you may pay directly at checkout:
  • Credit & Debit Card (via Xendit or Paypal)
  • E-wallets: Gcash, Paymaya, Grabpay
  • Direct debit: BPI, Unionbank
  • Manual transfer: Bank deposit, GCash, 7/11

And that's it!

Kindly wait for a text message from us confirming your order. We'll curate your weekly share for you, all you need to do is wait for it to arrive at your doorstep each week!

PS. Our deliveries are currently on Thursdays. To make it to our next delivery, your payment must be processed 3 days before. Prompt us at 0939 934 4663. 

All packs will be delivered in tampipis and/or eco-bags which you are welcome to return for sanitation and reuse.  Collections are weekly in exchange for your share. These are shared by all CSA members and essential to our cycle week on week and so we ask that you take care of it like your own and return them to us promptly during every collection. 


If we can connect socially aware city-dwellers with small holder farmers in a re-localized food economy, we will make farming more sustainable, conserve and protect our soil resources and build the health of our communities. With your support and participation, we are growing a new social change model that can be replicated all over the Philippines and the world.

Come join our Good Food Community! Sign up here.





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