Turmeric-Pickled Radish

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More popular with farmers than eaters, radishes become an all-around “nakakatakam” side dish when pickled and its pungency dissipates. It’s our favorite lugaw topping, cheering up savory porridges with its bright yellow color and pucker-worthy sweet-sour flavor. Known as danmuji in Korean cuisine and takuan in Japan, it works either way when paired with fried food like Korean fried chicken. You can also roll it up with rice in gimbap or sushi. It’s also best enjoyed at the end of meals as an aid to digestion.

While most mass-produced takuan or danmuji use artificial color, we use turmeric and deepened by the brown color of muscovado, which also adds a hint of caramel sweetness. And don’t throw out the pickle juice! Use as vinegar substitute in salad dressings, drink as a refreshing shot, or turn into a pickleback cocktail.    

Ingredients: Organic radishes from Tublay, turmeric powder from Daraitan, peppercorns from Bulacan, coconut vinegar, and muscovado sugar

This product is vegan.

100g drained weight in a jar.



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