habañero peppers

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We’ve got fireballs in your farm shares tomorrow. Make no mistake about it—those are NOT cute bell peppers. Handle with care are the words to live by as habanero peppers, amkis in the north, appear in all the subscriptions. It is 40 to 50 times hotter than the jalapeño and 2 to 5 times hotter than our labuyo. While it can set taste buds on fire, chile aficionados note a sweet, tropical fruit taste in the yellow cultivars, while the red and orange ones are said to have more citrusy and even a slightly smoky flavour. The red is also said to be the hottest of the three.

COOK. Take your spicy sawsawan-making skills up a notch by making your own hot sauce or sambal, maybe an angrier Sriracha. Subscriber Paul shares his easy recipe for sambal: "In general: blitz approx 300 g of chilis (I mix scotch bonnets and bird's eye, sometimes if I have some dried chilis I rehydrate and add those), with maybe 3 medium tomatoes, 1 onion, a few garlic cloves into a slightly lumpy paste. I also add some salt. I fry everything in oil for 15 mins, or until you can no longer stand the fumes haha. Add a couple tbsps of vinegar halfway through."

More interested in just a little heat than the whole body-on-fire experience? Cut a sliver or two into your dips, marinade, or dish while cooking. It's so potent that a little can go a long way, and it has flavour affinities with Mexican and Caribbean cuisines, tropical fruits and citruses, and tomatoes.

STORE. The habanero is among the world’s hottest so be careful when handling it, ideally with gloves on. Do not rub your eyes or any part your face when working with it, and do not leave it unattended around children. Cut habaneros can be kept in an airtight tub in the fridge for a few days. Whole ones can be dehydrated for longer storage. And save those seeds, as the plant can be quite easy to grow.

RELIEF. The capsaicin in spicy food only dissolves in fat (and alcohol), which is why drinking a glass of water does not help. Spoonfuls of nut butter, avos, milk, or even EVOO help ease the pain. Those with heartburn, acid reflux and other inflammation issues should avoid this fruit.



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